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Recipient Stories

Foundation Scholarships Allow Recipient to Focus and Succeed

Kai Watkins

“Receiving a scholarship meant the world to me,” Kai Watkins, a two-time Chickasaw Foundation scholarship recipient and Chickasaw Nation employee, said. “I was very proud to receive it and was also grateful to our tribe.”

Watkins was the recipient of the Dynamic Women of the Chickasaw Nation Scholarship in 2020 and 2021. She was glad to be able to keep her mind focused on school work. “The impact of receiving the scholarship meant I could really focus on my schoolwork and not have to be worried about paying for college,” she noted. “By being able to just focus on school, I’m able to put in the necessary time needed to get good grades.”

Watkins is currently an intern. “This summer I’ll be starting my second internship with the Chickasaw Nation. I’ll be working in the Marketing department and am excited about what I’ll learn and the connections I’ll make.”

Kai plans to continue her education. “My plans career plans include starting a master’s program in project management in the fall. After graduating I would like to come back and work for the Chickasaw Nation in project management and help give back to our people.”

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