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In Loving Memory

The Chickasaw Foundation helps further education, inspire new ideas and build communities.

We appreciate donors for contributing their time and financial resources to provide opportunities, services and activities for the Chickasaw people. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Chickasaw Foundation, donate online or call our office. Donations can also be mailed.

Memorial Donations

A memorial donation is a special way of remembering a loved one while helping others. Acknowledgment cards can be sent to family members, if requested, upon a donation being received by the Chickasaw Foundation. While making your donation, you can also click the box to have your loved one’s name listed on our scrolling “In Loving Memory” list.

Contributing to the General Fund or a Specific Scholarship

When donating to the Chickasaw Foundation, you have the option of contributing to the general scholarship fund or to a specific scholarship. If you are interested in donating to a specific scholarship, please go to our Scholarship Donations page.

Chickasaw Foundation’s Donor Spotlight

Chickasaw Foundation is pleased to feature Valorie Walters for the donor spotlight. Walters has been employed with the Chickasaw Nation since 2002 and currently serves as undersecretary for the Department of Culture and Humanities.

Throughout her time as an employee, Valorie says “I have been impressed with the actions and services of the Chickasaw Foundation.” For her, supporting the Chickasaw Foundation is a priority. She shares, “It is an honor to be able to donate to the Chickasaw Foundation, knowing they provide such wonderful opportunities for Chickasaw people.”

The Chickasaw Foundation is thankful for Ms. Walters’ support!

Chickasaw Foundation ECCP Spotlight

Chickasaw Foundation is pleased to feature Krystal Ross for the Employee Charitable Contribution Plan Champion. Ross, who serves as executive officer of the department of education, came on board the Chickasaw Nation seven months ago.

“I first learned about the Chickasaw Foundation when my oldest daughter began applying for college scholarships,” Krystal said. “I was very impressed with the variety of scholarships they have for Chickasaw students.”

Ross was excited to see all the work the Foundation does. “As I explored the Chickasaw Foundation website more, I loved what I found,” she shared. “They not only fund scholarships for education but fill in the gap financially during critical times for Chickasaw citizens and support many organizations that I value.”

She continued: “As a Chickasaw citizen, I know that we have been blessed to have the many services and opportunities provided by the Chickasaw Nation. We are extremely fortunate to have the Chickasaw Foundation work alongside the programs and services of the Nation.”

Above all, Krystal knew she wanted to support the Foundation in some fashion. “It was a goal of mine to eventually support the Chickasaw Foundation, but I had not researched the process yet,” she said. “When I was given the opportunity to become a donor when I joined the Chickasaw Nation Department of Education, I did not hesitate! The more I learn about the Chickasaw Foundation, the prouder I am to be Chickasaw but also a donor and supporter of the Chickasaw Foundation.”

The Chickasaw Foundation is grateful for Ms. Ross’ support!