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Graduating with Goals

Danielle Fixico

“I hope to one day inspire my students to pursue their degrees in order to change the world and make it a better place for upcoming generations.”

Danielle Fixico truly believes education is vital for a successful future. This is why she strives daily to inch toward her dream of becoming a college professor.

While in high school, Fixico was a peer tutor for her school’s Johnson-O’Malley program for First American students. It was during this time she realized how much she enjoyed mentoring students to help them understand what they were being taught. For her, she was enthused to witness the “epiphany” moment – when a student realizes they can understand the information.

“Students who are struggling in class can learn the information,” she said. “They simply need the extra time and attention to help them fully understand.”

A recipient of the Wilson J. Brown Memorial Scholarship, Fixico graduated from the University of Oklahoma in fall 2019. Graduating is just one step toward her goal of shaping First American futures.

Her career goal is to be a professor at the College of the Muscogee Nation. She knows that in order to achieve this result, she must also complete a master’s degree. She is enrolled for the fall 2020 semester at the University of Oklahoma, and plans to earn her master’s degree in painting.

She attributes her motivation and collegiate success to her parents who stressed the importance of higher education to her at an early age. “They encouraged me to do well in school,” Fixico said, “and helped me as much as possible in preparing me for college.” She knows she was on the lucky side.

“Some are fighting the battle for their education entirely on their own [and] many give up because they do not think it is worth it.” Even with unwavering support, she knows the path to her dream won’t be an easy one, but she is up for the challenge.

She quoted the late Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Without the generous scholarship donors, Fixico knows she would have a harder time being a part of that change.

“I am incredibly thankful for the scholarships I received from the Chickasaw Foundation and other Chickasaw programs throughout my undergraduate career,” Fixico said. “I was able to graduate debt free and focus on my studies, which ensured my acceptance into graduate school. I hope to one day invest in future First American scholars the same way that the Chickasaw Foundation has helped me.”

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