The mission of the Chickasaw Foundation is "to promote the general welfare and culture of the Chickasaw people by supporting educational, health, historical and community activities and programs.” Below are the ways we fulfill our mission.



The biggest avenue by which we help Chickasaw citizens is through our dedication to education. Since 2004, over $2 millon has been available to award for scholarships -- and that's all thanks to our gracious donors.

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Outside of our four major programs, we seek other ways to make a positive impact on our surrounding communities. Whether it's through the Employee Charitable Contribution Plan, our events or something else, we desire to be a staple in our community. And that's only possible with our donors.

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The primary way we promote culture is through our Inchokkaalaali (I'm Visiting) Assistance Request. Through this program, we educate K-12 Oklahoma schools on the history and culture of the Chickasaw people -- while giving them a day away from the classroom.

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Since 1971, the health of the Chickasaw and surrounding communities has been a major priority. 

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