We support numerous community nutrition initiatives, many focusing on the health and well-being of local youth.

In 2021, we received a donation of school supplies from Mortenson Company, an engineering company located in Hennepin, MN. Chickasaw Foundation received several school supplies, such as pencils, pens, folders, dry erase markers and 238 cinch-close backpacks. The Foundation donated a variety of school supplies—plus 45 cinch-close bags—to the Chickasaw Children’s Village. The remaining backpacks were donated to Latta Public Schools, which they used for pantry bags. The remaining school supplies were provided to the Chickasaw Nation After- School Program.

Employee Charitable Contribution Plan

The Employee Charitable Contribution Plan provides employees with an opportunity to make donations to the Chickasaw Foundation through payroll deductions. These contributions--whether it's for the area of greatest need, scholarships or disaster relief--help change lives by relieving stress on families and providing hope through the hardships. Learn more about the ECCP here.

Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund

By operating an active disaster relief fund, we allow individuals to contribute to relief and recovery efforts associated with disasters and crises. Recently, funds were directed to the victims of flooding in California and tornadoes in Oklahoma. Chickasaw citizen and employee, Courtney Williamson, is thankful for the Chickasaw Foundation and the disaster relief program. In 2022, her family was deeply affected by a tornado that devastated the community of Kingston, Oklahoma, causing major destruction. "The assistance provided in the forms of funds allowed us to replace clothing and secure a temporary apartment," she said. “On behalf of my family, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Chickasaw Foundation for their assistance during our difficult time of loss.”

Networking, News and Nonprofit Meetings

A new project we began hosting is a quarterly meeting with Pontotoc County nonprofit organizations with the purposes of 1) having the opportunity to know each other on a more personal level, 2) maximizing resources to be good stewards, 3) being more aware of upcoming events, 4) the creation of a viable directory and 5) forming potential partnerships.