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General Scholarship

The Chickasaw Foundation General Scholarship complements the Foundation's commitment to provide a wide variety of scholarships. Money donated to the general scholarship will be used to support scholarships offered by the Chickasaw Foundation.

Scholarships may be set up by individuals, families or corporations through an initial minimum contribution to establish an annual scholarship.

Ann Eubank Health Scholarship

This scholarship is given to full-time undergraduate or graduate Chickasaw students pursuing a major in health care.

Ataloa Memorial Scholarship

Full-time Chickasaw undergraduate students majoring in a music-related field are eligible for this award.

Bank2 Banking Scholarship - In Memory of Mr Robert Walton

Undergraduate students enrolled full-time in accounting, business or finance majors pursuing a career in banking are eligible for this award.

Bank2 Ta-ossaa-asha' Scholarship

This scholarship is open to full-time Chickasaw students who are enrolled in an undergraduate accounting, business or finance program of study and are interested in a career in banking.

Bill Fryrear Memorial Scholarship

The Bill Fryrear Memorial Scholarship is available to full-time Chickasaw students pursuing an undergraduate degree in art or history.

Michael and Joshua Lovegrove Memorial Scholarship

  • Full-time, Chickasaw student majoring in Native American studies.

The Dynamic Women of the Chickasaw Nation

The scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university, career technology, vocational-technical center or trade school.

Chickasaw Foundation Fine Arts Scholarship

The Chickasaw Foundation Fine Arts Scholarship is open to full-time Native American students in their junior or senior year at a four-year university who are majoring in the fine arts (art, music, drama or dance).

Chickasaw Foundation General Purpose Education Scholarship

Available to Chickasaw undergraduate or graduate students enrolled full-time.

Chickasaw Foundation Health Professions Scholarship

This scholarship is available to undergraduate, graduate or vo-tech students pursuing a degree or certification in a health-related field. Chickasaw preference will be given.

Chickasaw Foundation Toksaliˈ Scholarship

  • Full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate student who is also an employee of the Chickasaw Nation of any heritage.

Colbert “Bud” Baker Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to full-time Chickasaw students in junior or senior year majoring in history, education or pre-law with a minor in history (Chickasaw or Native American studies emphasis).

Colbert Scholarship

This award is open to Chickasaw undergraduate students who are enrolled full-time at one of the following schools: Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma State University or the University of Oklahoma. The student must also be a resident of the Chickasaw Nation Tishomingo District.

Computercraft Corporation Scholarship

Awarded to full-time Chickasaw undergraduate students. Preference for this scholarship will be given, but not limited to, students studying computer engineering, graphic design, biology, conference management or business.

David & Carolyn Nimmo Graduate Business Scholarship

Awarded to full-time Chickasaw students enrolled in an MBA program.

Donald D. and J. Wenonah Gunning Memorial Scholarship

The Donald D. Gunning Memorial Scholarship is open to full-time Chickasaw freshman who demonstrate financial need.

Edward L Kruger Memorial Ittish Aaisha' Scholarship

Awarded to Chickasaw graduate students enrolled full-time in pharmacy school.

Governor Emeritus Overton James Memorial Scholarship

  • Full-time, Chickasaw student majoring in education

Homer “Dee” Wells Memorial Scholarship

  • Full-time Chickasaw students only with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Second year of an associate degree; junior or senior undergraduate or graduate students only
  • Construction management or engineering major

Irene C. Howard Memorial Scholarship

Undergraduate Chickasaw students attending school full-time majoring in nutrition science, science or liberal arts are eligible for this award.